Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Good!

Hummm... there's the phone.  Let's see, everyone's home to answer it.  It can wait.
"Ring, ring..."
Wait a second.  No one got it?  "Hey guys!  The phone is ringing.  Can someone get it?"
"Ring, ring, RING..."

Hold on!  Where IS everyone!  Gheeezh!  Can't I have one second to go to the bathroom, for crying out loud?!  Oh great!  As I am passing the remaining FIVE Hott family members on my way.to.the.phone!  Guess they were too busy watching Phineas and Ferb repeats to answer the phone.  That's alright.  "Rrrrring!"

"I got it!"  (Again!)

"HELLO!"  (a little too loud!)

"Hello.  This is the Kennedy Center.  We are calling for Angie Hott."

"Uhhhhh..Hello?" (a little less loud now) I answer, as always.  "Who is calling, please?  It sounded like you said the Kennedy Center."

"Well yes.  This is the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.  Is Angie Hott available?"

"This...is...she."  I think.  Why would THE Kennedy Center be calling ME?

"Yes, well, thank you Mrs. Hott.  We see here that you have reservations for tonight's performance of Wicked.  And, well, we are wondering if you may be available to help us out?"

"Who, me?  Yeah right... Wait!  How did you know that we have reservations for this evening?"  By now, I am wondering if the Kennedy Center saw my posts on Facebook or, even more startling, read my blog.  This is just too weird, isn't it.

"Well, by your reservations, of course."  was the reply.

I'm thinking, "oh... of course!"  as the kind individual on the other end continues.  "Mrs. Hott, we could really use your help.  You see, we heard that you are quite familiar with the lyrics to Wicked."  Oh my goodness, I am wondering  how they KNOW that?  It was like the time I called the fire hotline to tell them that Dan was about to burn brush and the operator on the other end knew we lived in a log house.  I actually looked up, inside the house, and asked her if she could see me.  (That's embarrassing, please don't tell anyone!) 

How, exactly, would the Kennedy Center know that I know all the words to Wicked?  Oh -my-gosh, maybe somehow, they could hear me?......  (Again, I look around the house.)

"According to your reservations, you will be arriving for the 7:30 performance tonight.  We are calling you to ask if you could do us a favor."

"A 'favor'..." I reply, wondering what 'favor' I could possibly do for the Kennedy Center. 

"Yes.  There has been some extenuating circumstances this evening.  The actress playing the part of Elphaba is suddenly unavailable.  Since you are familiar with her role, we are wondering if you would consider filling in for Elphaba."


"If you would consider it, we see here that your reservations are in Row D, Seat 29, we will be happy to leave her costume under your seat."


Oh.my.gosh!  I was so excited.  "So, well, sure!  I guess I can do that.   We're on the way."  Hummm...  I do know most of the lyrics; I'll just "wing" the rest! 

And we were off!  Dan dropped me off at the Kennedy Center door.  After a quick kiss, I ran to my seat and found Elphaba's costume underneath as instructed.  Next, I found the Stage Manager down front and the make up artist proceeded to paint me green.  I can't believe this... I am really about to perform in a touring Broadway show; my all time favorite, none the less - Wicked!  Back stage, I can see the audience arriving in the beautiful Opera House.  There's Dan and Violet with Caity and Brian -- next to the only empty seat in the house, mine.

Sold out.  A sold out performance.  What have I gotten myself into?  Ooooooh, here it comes, it's almost my turn; I'm ready for this, all green, when I hear the cue for my entrance:  "Mommy... mommy..."

Wait a minute.  I don't remember those lines!  I.am.so.nervous!  "MOMMY!" 

"Can I sleep with you?"  What?  Levi?  What are YOU doing backstage?  You're supposed to be staying with Luke and Bridget.  Hugh?  "Mommeeeeeeee!" 

OH!  That's when.....

..... I woke up.  Well, sorta-kinda!  Hugh?  What day is this?  August 4, 2011.  Sounds familiar?  We're supposed to go somewhere today...  Sure Levi.  Come on up in bed with us.  Wow... what was that?  Me... Elphaba... Wicked! 

It turned out, indeed, to be our adventure to the Kennedy Center!  This year, we took Violet to her first professional performance; celebrated Caity and Brian's college graduation; and, for the second year, saw my favorite show, Wicked, on my birthday!  (see post http://excusemecanitellyousomething.blogspot.com/2010/08/just-returning-from-emerald-city.html )

As it turns out, I was unavailable to perform Elphaba that night.  They managed just fine without me, even though Dan told me I did have the nose to play the Wicked Witch.  The usher only had to ask me twice to stop singing in the audience.  Here we are!

You see, I was busy.  I still have lines to learn and I am certainly never the star; but, I had already accepted a better role  --  it's called "Mom" ! 
Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her.
Proverbs 31:28

Friday, August 5, 2011


Please check out the story published yesterday on my column "Hott Flashes". 
Ever need a little help in the "Tooth Fairy" department?  I sure do!  Enjoy and let me know what you think!.....

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