Hott Times with PD

Sharing stories about faith, family, fun, and the crazy dayz when Parkinson's Disease moved in to the Hott House.  "Excuse me, can I tell you something?" is how as a PD caregiver, this Hott Mama manages to find God's blessings within such an illness as PD.

It is my priveledge to share these stories with you and my prayer that you are also blessed by our experience living with Parkinson's Disease.  Sounds a little crazy doesn't it?

This page will be a place for me to share the moments when I, personally, hear God tap me on the shoulder and say "Excuse Me, can I tell you something?"  Oh, and by the way, this is a picture of my hott-hubby Dan and I on April 21st, 2012, when we wore our grey to show awareness for Parkinson's Awareness month.

My experiences with PD are captured in these stories (not in any particular order, just my typical chaos):

When the National Parkinsons Foundation linked my review of "Parkinson's Central" -- a new app for PD:

 Robin Williams

A writer from Guidepost called and wrote about the story above here:  "A Little Red Ball of Hope"

My mom review of the new sitcom "The Michael J. Fox Show":

Exercise & Parkinson's! The secret to beating PD symptoms as revealed by Dr. Mari at Dan's 5 year appiontment at Johns Hopkins:

Sometimes, Parkinson's Disease just pisses me off!  Linda Rondstadt too? --

A simple bracelet offers Hope!

"Parkinson's Central" -- A app for PD?

Writer, Daniel Vance, a disabilities columnist, interviews me and writes a column about Dan:

Always an advocate, my effort to nudge the VA to provide Dan the full benefits he deserves:
and here:

Sunset Celebrations:

"The" Diagnosis Day:

Remembering D Day:

My puny effort to raise money for PD research:

When we all wore our "Team Fox" shirts:
It runs in the family:

God promises to fix this, doesn't He?



"Standing Tall"

"The Cane in the Corner"

"Hotts Wearing Grey for PD Awareness Day"

"Wear Grey"

"PD Superstar!"

"Hope Looks Like This"

"Kissing in the Pew"

"Parkinson's Sucks"


"Hotts Finish a 5K!"

"Eat our Dust Parkinson's Disease!"

"Hott Flashes"

"Girls in Grey"

"Excuse me, can I tell you something?"
This is the story I took to the Rotary Meeting with me and read it outloud.  After sharing this, we were given a donation to place AED's in the schools here in Morgan County.

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