Thursday, April 26, 2012

Parkinson's Disease Foundation Includes the Hott Family's Wear Grey Day

Parkinson's Disease Foundation logo
Guess what! Have you heard of "Men in Black?"  Well.....  Check out the "Girls in Grey" on the Parkinson's Disease Foundation webpage.  Recognize anyone?

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation, a nationally recognized organization that "supports the highest-quality research in the search for the causes of and a cure for Parkinson's, sent me a facebook message earlier this week.  Isn't that cool!

Since last Saturday was Wear Grey for Parkinson's Day, I blogged some of the pictures of the Hott Family wearing their grey in an attempt to raise awareness for, what I feel, is an excellent cause.  I was SUPER tickled when the Parkinson's Disease responded to my story.  They asked permission to include one of our family photos.

Here it is the link to the page:

Aren't they adorable?  Appearing (above the fold on my computer) are Violet with her friend, Tori Reed.  Tori was here for a sleepover and let me take her picture wearing my grey sweatshirt.  Thanks Tori!

Here is a collage created by another PD advocate I found on facebook, Ideliza Tita Gonzalez Hernandez.
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