Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wearing Grey on Saturday for Parkinson's Awareness!!

Wear grey for Parkinson's Disease!
I have seen many declarations on the news lately for the month of April.  The many meaningful causes attempting to generate awareness for worthy efforts include the following list for April:
April is:  
Autism Awareness Month, 
Distracted Driver Awareness Month, 
STD Awareness Month, 
Sexual Assault Awareness Month, 
National Sarciodosis Awareness Month, 
Alcohol Awareness Month, 
Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month, 
Child Abuse Awareness Month, 
IBS (Irritated Bowel Syndrome) Awareness Month, 
Oral Cancer Awareness Month, 
National Stress Awareness Month, 
Organ Donor Awareness Month, 
Community College Awareness Month, 
Oil Speculation Awareness Month,
To name a few......
Holy Cow!  This list came up from a simple google search on Yahoo.  Did you know there were so many organizations holding events this month to generate awareness?  This was news to me.

However, I have been following the efforts of the Parkinson's Disease and Michael J. Fox Foundations.  They have been doing some great things to bring awareness to this crazy chronic illness.  

You see, my "hott-hubby" Dan has Parkinson's Disease.  At 49 years old with a young family of four, he was diagnosed with this debilitating illness that effects his mobility, among other things.  With two young boys at home (now they are 7 and 8 years old), living with Parkinson's can be challenge.

But aside from the physical demands of PD, we at the Hott House have chosen to find it's blessings.  So, for Parkinson's Awareness Month, this wife of a PD patient, mom of a PD family, caregiver in a PD home wants to say "thanks".  Because when Parkinson's joined our family, I learned to hear better and experience the blessings in the smallest moments, to appreciate how healthy we are this very minute, because, as I learn more and witness advanced stages of this stinking disease, PD has taught me to celebrate right now!

It's like God tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear "Excuse me, can I tell you something?" I'm here.  And we can live with this!

Wear grey this Saturday, April 21st, to express your support of Parkinson's research.  

I am.

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13

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