Monday, August 27, 2012

Surviving Tropical Storm ISAAC
[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]We're in survival mode here at the Hott House.  Yes.  Even for a storm unlikely to affect us here in the hills.  Images like this on tv can send Levi into hysterics.  (Btw, this is Tropical Storm Isaac's actual path... no where near us!)

The Hott brothers get so anxious about the least little change in the weather!  Do your children react this way?  Or, are mine the only ones having tummy aches every time the sun disappears behind a cloud or a tree begins to bend in the breeze??????

Sharing "Six R's to Surviving Storms" with you all today in my column.  Please pass along and let me know if you have any children secrets to storm survival.  And, remember to pray for those in Isaac's path.
love, a

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back-to-School Blues

No one seemed to be singing the blues at our house today!  It was, thankfully, a pretty smooth send-off.  How did it go for you?  The boys are sporting their new Nike sneakers.  Violet got up early to "wand" her hair.  Me?  Well, I'm watching anything but Adventure Time while doing laundry... "loads of fun"!  What about you?

Guess this mom is the only one with the Back-to-School Blues! See today's column "Hott Flashes" for more:

Friday, August 17, 2012

WSMS Students present: "Where is the Love?"

"Where is the Love?"

I think the 2011-12 6th grade class of Warm Springs Middle School found it!  I am really excited to share the work of film artist, Shamus Cleveland, as he shared with 30 students in an Art Integration's film and technology class in May 2012.  The video you will see is created by his students as they used the entire class of approximately 160+ students!

Thanks to a new program of the Morgan Arts Council in collaboration with Morgan County Schools, these students were able to express how "love" and tolerance is the answer to bully situations encountered by middle school students across our nation.  Art Integration, sponsored by the WV Commission on the Arts and the Eastern W. Va. Community Foundation, was able to teach basic film techniques to assist teachers communicating student values and individual worth (a WV Content Standard and Objective).

So, if you missed the premier at the Morgan County Fair, well, here it is!  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy WSMS collaborative presentation of "Where is the Love?"

And spread the word!  Share this link with your fellow classmates, friends, and families!
It's super cool... I promise.  Then, get ready for more fun creative classes from Art Integration.

You're gonna "love" it!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Love Thy Neighbor

Still having a hard time comprehending some recent happenings over here in the W. Va. hills!  Have you ever encountered anything like it?  Please see today's "Hott Flashes" on Moms of Faith here:
And... please share my prayer concern.  Thank you, dear God, for your love and protection.  Please help me to be an example of your kindness by showing love, not matter what.  Amen.

“... ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”  
– Matthew 22:37-39

Friday, August 10, 2012

Explaining the Chick-fil-A Contraversy to a Child

"Excuse me, can I tell you something?"  The entire contraversy between Chick-fil-A and the LGBT community is making my head spin.  

Since our Hott family has been home on a “staycation” this summer, I have not missed much of the media hype, unfortunately, over Chick-fil-A’s support of the Biblical definition of marriage between man and woman.  Since I ended up avoiding the lines and bomb threat to our local Chick-fil-A on August 1st, Caity brought me my chicken and pickle sandwich later!

Yes,  you heard me.  We missed the lines on appreciation day, thankfully; but, our local restaurant in Martinsburg,WV, experienced a bomb threat.  This Chick-fil-A was shut down – all due to hatred.

Not only is my head spinning, but my heart is hurting even more over this craziness.  Can you just imagine what God must be thinking!?  A conflict of differing opinions; a disagreement between the views of an American corporation and those of more liberal philosophies; a media frenzy over Chick-fil-A’s Biblical foundations and the Lesiban, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual community.

This recently turned 47-year-old-grey-haired-Christian-hott-mama-of-four also has a heart for all people, regardless of their belief.  You see, although the Bible may define marriage one way; it also talks about choices and teaches us to “love one another” -- a perfect example of tolerance, accepting all people regardless of their differing beliefs.

“Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ And the second is like it: “Love your neighbor as yourself.’”  
Matthew 22:37&39

...including LGBT's alike!  Sure, we can disagree about our beliefs; but love for my neighbor remains!

In fact, I encourage families to teach tolerance and diversity; and, I prefer this to be taught in a home without hatred!  Both are needed to achieve a peaceful world, right?  I don't agree with the school mandate requiring tolerance education because it will force these issues and raise questions long before truly necessary for children.  For many reasons, I believe this should come from parents.  (For more info, check out Focus on the Family's new website at

But here is what bothers me; here is what I find difficult to deal with:  How does a mom explain the Chick-fil-A controversy to children?  My kids only see that people are angry at Chick-fil-A!  You see, for a kid, a child, it really doesn’t matter what the argeument is all about.

Through the eyes of a 7 year old (or perhaps younger…I say this because my Levi is 7), one only sees that this fun restaurant with nice people and cool kid prizes is coming up everywhere when the radio or television is on.  For many, this Chick-fil-A with the goofy cows everywhere represents a safe place to go out with mom and dad where they hear that the food selections are healthier than others.  Let’s face it, Chick-fil-A is a family friendly environment to go out to eat.

Kinda like Disney World, right?  Family-friendly-fun!  Why not then, while we are at it, attack Disney World for promoting fairy tales that have male and female couples; kings and queens; Cinderella and her prince; Alladin and Jasmine; Nala and Mufasa; Lady and the Tramp; Snow White; Peter Pan and Tinkerbell; The Jungle Book; Sleeping Beauty; to Micky and Minnie….  So why Chick-fil-A?  Why now?  Someone please tell me…. Why?

Quite frankly, it is adults exacerbating a situation that force moms like me to have to explain all about tolerance and diversity long before I am ready to or even need to, for that matter.

For me, I would prefer to keep the fairy tale just a little longer please.  Wouldn't you?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Rings this picture probably needs a little explanation. LOL!  But I think you will find this an interesting.... no, I think you will think this a romantic story.  Let me explain:

Yesterday, August 4th, was  my 47th birthday.  Thank you all for the sweet wishes!  "Oh what a celebration" was had!  It began with blueberry pancakes, floating around the pool to the tunes of "Wicked" (Isaac temporarily moved to Brock's house), basketball in front of the garage, garden fresh tomatoes from brother-in-law Charlie, yummy cake from of Grandma (Mary McBee) from the new bakery downtown Berkeley Springs (try it out... it's across from the Ice House), a poem from Isaac, Captain America costume from Levi, and ended with a memorable family dinner at my favorite little French place in Winchester, VA, called La Nicoise Cafe!  Violet's surprise (I just know it is a wagon wheel) is arriving Monday!

The evening was topped off with a roaring rendition of "The Potter Puppet Pal's Mysterious Ticking Noise" in the back of the suburban... for 45 miles!  It was a loooong ride home!

So, what's with the "Birthday Rings"?  Well, a really special surprise for my birthday was a story revealed by my mom.  The freckly hand you see there is mine.  (Don't you just love my manicure!?)  This ring was a birthday gift from Caity.  I've always wanted an Irish cluddah ring.  Now I have one to match hers, Ashley's, and Aunt Tammy's.  Isn't it pretty!

Now, the top hand is my mom's.  (Her nails always look good!)  See the ruby ring?  I've known these hands all my life and never did I know that mom had a ruby ring!  Guess where she got it?  This precious "Birthday Ring" was a gift from Daddy (Bobbie McBee) on her 16th birthday.  He gave it to her when he took her to Lurray Caverns for her Sweet 16th Birthday surprise in a '52 Olds.  We got to hear all about some of Daddy's cars and how this one met an unfortunate underside semi truck when he fell asleep driving through town, among others!  Apparently, my grandmother (Edith Roysten Daniels) was not too happy the gesture.  "Grandmama" felt that it was wrong to receive such a gift from a b.o.y.!  She even insisted that mom return the ring to daddy because it wasn't "proper"!  Ooooooooo...

Mom kept it.

"Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies."  
Proverbs 31:10

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hott Love at Lurray Caverns!

Here we are for a summertime Hott adventure!  We drove down to Lurray Caverns, VA, for a tour with the kids yesterday.  After lunch with government spies at Brown's Chinese Restaurant, we got our tickets and waited in line to proceed 150 feet below the surface of the earth.

Waiting for us were some spectacular sights.  I think the coolest thing for me was the sounds and music of the "pipes".  Kids also climbed this giant ropes course, got lost in a garden maze, and panned for gold in the village.

It was a blessed day, for sure!  Here's something even cooler.  56 years earlier, PapPap (Bobbie McBee) took Grandma (Mary) to Lurray for her Sweet 16th Birthday!

Today, I am 47!

"Heaven and the heaven of heavens belong to the LORD your God, 
the earth with all that is in it." Dueteronomy 10:14

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who's Going to Chick Fil-A Today?

Chick Fil-A Appreciation DayI am!  Are you?

And, I'm ordering a chicken pickle sandwich!  This soon to be 47-year-old-grey-haired-Hott-mama-of-four has many fond memories treating our family to a meal at Chick-fil-A; including weekly stops on the way to track meets, regular visits after toddler gymnastics, to even breaking the miraculous news that I was pregnant to my husband in Chick-fil-A's Hagerstown, MD, location!

"God created marriage.  No government subcommittee envisioned it.  No social organization developed it.  Marriage was conceived and born in the mind of God" - Max Lucado