Friday, August 17, 2012

WSMS Students present: "Where is the Love?"

"Where is the Love?"

I think the 2011-12 6th grade class of Warm Springs Middle School found it!  I am really excited to share the work of film artist, Shamus Cleveland, as he shared with 30 students in an Art Integration's film and technology class in May 2012.  The video you will see is created by his students as they used the entire class of approximately 160+ students!

Thanks to a new program of the Morgan Arts Council in collaboration with Morgan County Schools, these students were able to express how "love" and tolerance is the answer to bully situations encountered by middle school students across our nation.  Art Integration, sponsored by the WV Commission on the Arts and the Eastern W. Va. Community Foundation, was able to teach basic film techniques to assist teachers communicating student values and individual worth (a WV Content Standard and Objective).

So, if you missed the premier at the Morgan County Fair, well, here it is!  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy WSMS collaborative presentation of "Where is the Love?"

And spread the word!  Share this link with your fellow classmates, friends, and families!
It's super cool... I promise.  Then, get ready for more fun creative classes from Art Integration.

You're gonna "love" it!
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