Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Column -- Hott Flashes

Moms of Faith ( published an article yesterday.  It is called "Not Just Another Birthday Party!"  I have been a sub for a teacher this week and just getting around to seeing it myself. 

This story makes me wonder... What is your favorite birthday party memory?  Tell me about it! 

Here is the link to the magazine:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashion Show Birthday

Caity created this video for Violet for her 11th birthday party. Let me tell you how this all came about: nearly a month ago, I was on the phone with Aunt Tammy (in Philly) and we were chatting about the birthday season. You see, Caity turned 21 on Jan 17th; followed by Levi turning 6 on Feb. 5th; and finally, Violet's birthday was Feb. 18th when she turned 11. (Isaac is the only one to have his fall birthday alone -- Oct. 25th). Here at the Hott House, we find any reason we can for a celebration! Dan often remembers the 3 day weekend celebration when Caity turned 10! It was a pool party at an inside place, of course. We've had lots of fun with the kids, everything from Spider Man, Hannah Montana, to Percy Jackson, or just plain Jump Rope parties.

I guess you could say, Aunt Tammy and I were reminiscing about the kids being little and all the fun. Violet wanted to go tubing at Whitetail, which is WAY to expensive! Once, Tammy took us all to the hair salon at JC Penny's for Crystal's 5th birthday many years ago. (Crystal will turn 21 this year.) Violet mentioned, just in passing, how much fun it would be if Aunt Tammy could come from Philly and do fancy "do's" for her birthday.

Well, I was telling Tammy about this and she said.... "Let's do it!" Violet was so excited! And you know what, it was just the thing after the long winter days, nasty weather, and just plain "stuff". First, Caity arrived from college on Friday evening for a birthday dinner with Violet. Later, Ashley arrived early Saturday and was followed by Tammy and Crystal later in the day. Aunt Cindy joined us and we were ready for a


Tammy transformed our basement to Madame Fleur's Hair Salon with make-up artist, "Ginger Snap"! (That was Ashley.) "Coconut-Caity" was the manicurist (but refused to touch anyone's feet)! And Crystal was our honorary emcee as "Betty Bop Lolli-pop"!

Much to Violet's dismay, her brothers (organized by Brandon) were the judges for the day: Stephen Tyler/Simon (Isaac) and Hubba Hubba (Levi). Nathaniel was also renamed "Lil Pop"!

There was creativity spilling out the logged cracked Hott House, that's for sure! The girls went all out and mixed their own CD music for the Fashion Show. The transformation in the basement included a fashion show runway, complete with red carpet lined with colorful balloons. Sparkling beads were hung at one end with a make-shift red stage at the other dazzling in individual "stars" for each of the party guests and karaoke mic for the emcee Betty Bop Lolli-pop!

The excitement mounted as the day quickly passed with girls getting hair, nails, and make-up done. Some of my favorite comments were: "Wow! We're gonna look 15!" (insert squeal!) "I look so grown up!" (insert squeals and giggles!) "This the first time I ever played with make-up!" (insert squeals, more giggles, and maybe some fainting!)

Then, each selected a dress to "model" for us as they walked down our runway. Dresses were fun too! We pulled out all of Caity's old prom dresses and even her fancy cocktail dresses from Zeta events. Even more adorable ensembles were added later by "Cousin Kendall", who joined the fashion show and decided to stay for the sleepover!

So, without further adieu, I hope you enjoy this video! And may it hold a precious memory in your heart as we watch our "babies" grow in to beautiful young ladies right before our eyes.  

Thanks Aunt Tammy... and another "thank you" to all the moms and dads for allowing us to borrow these precious little girls for a day to play dress up, maybe, for one last time.  Because before you know it, they'll be 21 like Caity, Crystal, and Ashley... all at the blink of an eye!  Hoping they all had fun,

love, a
Princess Violet Eve Hott, 11 years old

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Hott Flash!

How crazy is this!  Moms of Faith published an article just this morning.  I submitted this story early yesterday just before Dan and I left to go to his first appointment for physical therapy at the VA.  While there, I opened the "Picket News" to a story called "Remember Who's Carrying You".  (shiver)  Here is today's Hott Flash:

In the article, I mention a song I heard on the radio.  I found it on youtube.  Thought I would include it here to "carry you" in your times of need.  Maybe you, too, are going through some rough roads and will be inspired to know that when you least expect it, God will carry you!

Monday, February 7, 2011


It's official!!!...  I'm a COLUMNIST!!

Today, my first article posted on Moms of Faith as an official columnist!  The name of my column is "Hott Flashes!"  Like it???  I hope so, we had some fun on facebook coming up with a name and many seemed to like Hott Flashes!  I was glad that the editor also agreed!   And thank you Bob Goodman from Chicago!  You had the best suggestion and there it is!  Now, when one clicks the "columns" button on the online magazine, "Hott Flashes" comes up.  And it's me!  How cool, or "hott" is that????

So, please check it out and leave comments.  My first story as a columnist is called "Chocolates ARE Medicinal!"  Although I am not allowed to post it on my blog, I can direct you to its' link:

LOL!  "Chocolates ARE Medicinal" is an testament to God's awesome response to my last blog post here on Excuse me, Can I Tell You Something?  The article is called "Standing Tall"!  Over 400 people have read "Standing Tall" thanks to all of you!  I don't know if I even know that many people.  But guess what happened, people prayed across the country for my HottHubby Dan and he is improving.  Parkinson's Disease still sucks (sorry Andrew); but the prayers are being heard -- praise God!

For an update, Dan is scheduled for physical therapy through the Veteran's Administration this week.  Also, he has an upcoming appointment with a neurologist at the Baltimore VA, Dr. Paul Fishman, whom we hear is involved with neurological movement issues.

 “I call on the Lord in my distress, and He answers me!” Psalms 120:1