Monday, February 7, 2011


It's official!!!...  I'm a COLUMNIST!!

Today, my first article posted on Moms of Faith as an official columnist!  The name of my column is "Hott Flashes!"  Like it???  I hope so, we had some fun on facebook coming up with a name and many seemed to like Hott Flashes!  I was glad that the editor also agreed!   And thank you Bob Goodman from Chicago!  You had the best suggestion and there it is!  Now, when one clicks the "columns" button on the online magazine, "Hott Flashes" comes up.  And it's me!  How cool, or "hott" is that????

So, please check it out and leave comments.  My first story as a columnist is called "Chocolates ARE Medicinal!"  Although I am not allowed to post it on my blog, I can direct you to its' link:

LOL!  "Chocolates ARE Medicinal" is an testament to God's awesome response to my last blog post here on Excuse me, Can I Tell You Something?  The article is called "Standing Tall"!  Over 400 people have read "Standing Tall" thanks to all of you!  I don't know if I even know that many people.  But guess what happened, people prayed across the country for my HottHubby Dan and he is improving.  Parkinson's Disease still sucks (sorry Andrew); but the prayers are being heard -- praise God!

For an update, Dan is scheduled for physical therapy through the Veteran's Administration this week.  Also, he has an upcoming appointment with a neurologist at the Baltimore VA, Dr. Paul Fishman, whom we hear is involved with neurological movement issues.

 “I call on the Lord in my distress, and He answers me!” Psalms 120:1

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