Tuesday, June 26, 2012

God's VBS Story is Published in New Magazine! Mitera: Ministry In Motherhood

Here in the heat of another summertime VBS, or Vacation Bible School, at First United Methodist Church in Berkeley Springs, you'll find me once again - the "drama mama" - hanging out with the kids in the "Wild Blue Bible Adventure" room.  It is here where I have the honor to return and share God's message with children.

Sometimes, I just have to pinch myself at the complete coolness of God's work.  I'm sure God must be pleased with himself at something so totally awesome that happend this week.  You see, God picked this week to have one of my stories published!  Why is this awesome?  Well, it is because an editor found merit in a message I recently shared about my mom experience with VBS, and with special permission from the family, we were allowed to publish this to a much broader audience than I can ever imagine.

And get this:  Just this morning, another VBS volunteer said the sweetest  compliments about these stories I share with you.  She asked me if I was an English or Journalism Major... just how I come up with writing down the every day experiences about raising a Christian family.

Well, all I could tell her was that "It's not me.  It's all about Him."

So, please click the linky thing below and it will take you to a new exciting publication where you will find a God story written by this lil-46-year-old-grey-haired-mama-of-four.  The story is featured on page 7.  For those local folks, you'll remember this like it was yesterday.  Actually, it is nearly exactly one year ago the day this magazine was published.

God is so cool, isn't He?

Click below:
Mitera: Ministry In Motherhood

Monday, June 25, 2012

I Am Optimus Mom!

Leader of the AutoHotts!  LOL.... That continues to crack me up!

For today's column on Hott Flashes, chick here:

Monday, June 18, 2012

"What If When We Get to Heaven Everything Is Made of Lego's?...Help Me Answer the Hard Questions!

"Mom, Will There Be Lego's in Heaven?"
After searching the Bible from Genesis to Revelations, I could not find one single reference to the favorite pastime of my 7 and 8 year old boys:  Lego's.  Not a notion anywhere.  Listen in to our conversation in this week's "Hott Flashes" post, "What if when we get to heaven, everything is made of Lego's!"

Any suggestions to answer some of these questions?  Let me know.  This mom sure could use some help.

love, a

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Three, Two, One, Let It Rip! An Epic Beyblade Summer

Randomly from the back of our hottmobile (aka Chevy Suburban Tank), our 7 and 8 year old boys will errupt in a song that I am certain can be heard across town, the Beyblade Metal Fusion Theme!  Often, they correct this not-so-cool "hott" mom whenever I attempt to chime in with the wrong words.  And, add another boy in the back (mostly Ben or Chago), and we have an "epic" chorus of Beyblade fans!  

Are you wondering "What's a Beyblade?"  Well, come on over!  We have them EVerywhere!  Some all the way from Japan!  Today's column on "Hott Flashes" shares just how obsessed our boys are with what is, essentially, a modern day spinning top.  Go figure.  http://momsoffaith.com/2012/06/when-the-nos-knows/

Ready for an epic battle?  Here is the Metal Masters theme song.  Now you can join in too.  (And in case you were wondering, Isaac wants me to add "Beyblade has it's own tv show!  New episodes are Saturday mornings!)

Beyblade Beyblade Let it rip.

Lets fight an epic battle.
face off and spin the metal.
no time for doubt now no place for backing down.
Beyblade Beyblade let it rip.
Beyblade Beyblade let it rip.
Spin out your bey now bring on the power.
Right to the top yeah.
Were never giving up.
Here comes Here comes.
Metal Masters.
Lets go beyblade let it rip.
Metal Masters let it rip.
Beyblade Beyblade let it rip.
This is it get a grip.

Let it rip.

I must admit, my favorite part is when the boys explode in a fit of giggles
over the "Let it rip!" line.... you can only imagine what they are thinking!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fifty Shades of My Red Face

Image DetailA trilogy?!  Really?  I stumbled on to the book Fifty Shades of Grey not much differently than Anastasia Steele stumbled in to Christian Grey's office to interview him the very first day.  Even with all the news and hype about the book, I was an unsuspecting reader just trying out the Kindle app on my new phone.  http://www.excusemecanitellyousomething.blogspot.com/2012/05/warning-dont-read-todays-column-fifty.html  Honestly! I guess that makes me a "vanilla" reader, right?  LOL!

Mostly a book nerd-housewife-46-year-old-"grey"-haired-mother-of-four, while reading the first "Fifty" book, I found a few things unbelievable.  1)  Would there really be a virgin college graduate?  and, 2)  Where did E. J. James find all those "toys" to list on the contract's hard limits?  Surely, such things do not exist. How could they?

Then, off I go to ask my unsuspecting husband.  "Dan, would you ever believe there is this thingy called a "such and such"?... There is no way THAT really exists.  I think James is making this stuff up.  Do you?"

Shortly thereafter, I was educated and come to find out,... there really are items "like that"!

Hummmm.... feeling a little uncomfortable with the content, I continued to read on.  After all, it was fun becoming involved in the love story within the drama.  Able to skip the more uncomfortable sections (of which there are many), I actually enjoyed watching Ana and Christian fall in love.

Which brings me to my column "Hott Flahses", I frankly became conflicted whether or not to share about reading "that" book Fifty Shades.  Ever the blabber-mouth, the more I discussed Fifty Shades among others, the more I discovered how many were "secretly" reading it; or, much to my surprise, already done!  How did I miss out on it all?  A columnist for a Christian website, Moms of Faith, would readers judge me too for even mentioning it?

Probably, but not any harsher than I was judging myself.  So, I went ahead and submitted the column and much to my surprise, it has received four times the views of any other column I have written.  Go Figure.  Although few commented, someone did ask me if I finished the book.  So, here and now, to just let it all out, is my answer:

Yes.  I finished Fifty Shades of Grey.  Not only that, I read all three!

Others asked me if I would recommend this book.  And to that, my answer is maybe.  Although the intimate scenes are beyond descriptive, they certainly aren't for everyone.  Able to bypass the parts that made me uncomfortable, I did manage to have my curiosity peaked which brings readers their own personal adventures.

In a nutshell, Fifty Shades gives a message that intimacy, which involves a release of control for both partners, has the ability to lead to authentic love in marriage relationships too.  Something all wives, and husbands, are seeking.  And don't we all want to feel treasured?  Which is exactly how Christian and Ana are in their marriage -- truly treasuring each other.  Gotta say, I like that, don't you?

Well, there's my two cents (or fifty!) on the subject!  Now, "excuse me, can I tell you something?", time to have Dan clarify a few more "terms" for me!

LOL!... Wink, wink,...  ;-)

"A man's greatest treasure is his wife -- she is a gift from the lord."  
Proverbs 18:22

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sizzling Hott Times on the WMRT

Pictured at mile marker 21, the Hott crew + Kat made it 25 miles biking yesterday on the scenic Western Maryland Rail Trail!  See?  There is the final "Trail Ends" sign to prove it!

Since the Hott Family is having a summer "stay"cation this year, here is the first of many adventures for Sizzling Hott Summer of 2012.  Our bike outing began as a random "what do you want to do" this summer suggested by Isaac while splashing around in our new pool and ended in quite an accomplishment -- 25 Miles!

What are your summer plans?  Stay tuned for more Hott adventures.