Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Three, Two, One, Let It Rip! An Epic Beyblade Summer

Randomly from the back of our hottmobile (aka Chevy Suburban Tank), our 7 and 8 year old boys will errupt in a song that I am certain can be heard across town, the Beyblade Metal Fusion Theme!  Often, they correct this not-so-cool "hott" mom whenever I attempt to chime in with the wrong words.  And, add another boy in the back (mostly Ben or Chago), and we have an "epic" chorus of Beyblade fans!  

Are you wondering "What's a Beyblade?"  Well, come on over!  We have them EVerywhere!  Some all the way from Japan!  Today's column on "Hott Flashes" shares just how obsessed our boys are with what is, essentially, a modern day spinning top.  Go figure.  http://momsoffaith.com/2012/06/when-the-nos-knows/

Ready for an epic battle?  Here is the Metal Masters theme song.  Now you can join in too.  (And in case you were wondering, Isaac wants me to add "Beyblade has it's own tv show!  New episodes are Saturday mornings!)

Beyblade Beyblade Let it rip.

Lets fight an epic battle.
face off and spin the metal.
no time for doubt now no place for backing down.
Beyblade Beyblade let it rip.
Beyblade Beyblade let it rip.
Spin out your bey now bring on the power.
Right to the top yeah.
Were never giving up.
Here comes Here comes.
Metal Masters.
Lets go beyblade let it rip.
Metal Masters let it rip.
Beyblade Beyblade let it rip.
This is it get a grip.

Let it rip.

I must admit, my favorite part is when the boys explode in a fit of giggles
over the "Let it rip!" line.... you can only imagine what they are thinking!
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