Tuesday, June 26, 2012

God's VBS Story is Published in New Magazine! Mitera: Ministry In Motherhood

Here in the heat of another summertime VBS, or Vacation Bible School, at First United Methodist Church in Berkeley Springs, you'll find me once again - the "drama mama" - hanging out with the kids in the "Wild Blue Bible Adventure" room.  It is here where I have the honor to return and share God's message with children.

Sometimes, I just have to pinch myself at the complete coolness of God's work.  I'm sure God must be pleased with himself at something so totally awesome that happend this week.  You see, God picked this week to have one of my stories published!  Why is this awesome?  Well, it is because an editor found merit in a message I recently shared about my mom experience with VBS, and with special permission from the family, we were allowed to publish this to a much broader audience than I can ever imagine.

And get this:  Just this morning, another VBS volunteer said the sweetest  compliments about these stories I share with you.  She asked me if I was an English or Journalism Major... just how I come up with writing down the every day experiences about raising a Christian family.

Well, all I could tell her was that "It's not me.  It's all about Him."

So, please click the linky thing below and it will take you to a new exciting publication where you will find a God story written by this lil-46-year-old-grey-haired-mama-of-four.  The story is featured on page 7.  For those local folks, you'll remember this like it was yesterday.  Actually, it is nearly exactly one year ago the day this magazine was published.

God is so cool, isn't He?

Click below:
Mitera: Ministry In Motherhood

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