Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Rings this picture probably needs a little explanation. LOL!  But I think you will find this an interesting.... no, I think you will think this a romantic story.  Let me explain:

Yesterday, August 4th, was  my 47th birthday.  Thank you all for the sweet wishes!  "Oh what a celebration" was had!  It began with blueberry pancakes, floating around the pool to the tunes of "Wicked" (Isaac temporarily moved to Brock's house), basketball in front of the garage, garden fresh tomatoes from brother-in-law Charlie, yummy cake from of Grandma (Mary McBee) from the new bakery downtown Berkeley Springs (try it out... it's across from the Ice House), a poem from Isaac, Captain America costume from Levi, and ended with a memorable family dinner at my favorite little French place in Winchester, VA, called La Nicoise Cafe!  Violet's surprise (I just know it is a wagon wheel) is arriving Monday!

The evening was topped off with a roaring rendition of "The Potter Puppet Pal's Mysterious Ticking Noise" in the back of the suburban... for 45 miles!  It was a loooong ride home!

So, what's with the "Birthday Rings"?  Well, a really special surprise for my birthday was a story revealed by my mom.  The freckly hand you see there is mine.  (Don't you just love my manicure!?)  This ring was a birthday gift from Caity.  I've always wanted an Irish cluddah ring.  Now I have one to match hers, Ashley's, and Aunt Tammy's.  Isn't it pretty!

Now, the top hand is my mom's.  (Her nails always look good!)  See the ruby ring?  I've known these hands all my life and never did I know that mom had a ruby ring!  Guess where she got it?  This precious "Birthday Ring" was a gift from Daddy (Bobbie McBee) on her 16th birthday.  He gave it to her when he took her to Lurray Caverns for her Sweet 16th Birthday surprise in a '52 Olds.  We got to hear all about some of Daddy's cars and how this one met an unfortunate underside semi truck when he fell asleep driving through town, among others!  Apparently, my grandmother (Edith Roysten Daniels) was not too happy the gesture.  "Grandmama" felt that it was wrong to receive such a gift from a b.o.y.!  She even insisted that mom return the ring to daddy because it wasn't "proper"!  Ooooooooo...

Mom kept it.

"Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies."  
Proverbs 31:10
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