Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Imagine my surprise tonight when, for a moment Isaac and Levi were playing upstairs and I jumped on my laptop to cruise around facebook.  Hoping to see my column ("Hott Flashes") posted somewhere (I missed my editor's deadline this week with all the Easter craziness), I stopped along a posting about Parkinson's Superstars.  It mentioned an artist and so I stopped to view the video. 

The link took me to the National Parkinson Foundation's webpage (  As I viewed a very nice story about an 87 year old man, Wendell, with PD, from the corner of my eye, I noticed list of other Superstar winners.

Guess who was there?  Check it out here.... I 5starred my "hott-hubby" Superstar!  You can too!... It's all about April being Parkinson's Awareness Month!  Spread the word!  Here's the link:

Please share Dan's "Superstar" Story! 
love, love, love,
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