Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Is Your "D" Day?


No, I'm not referring to the day of the climactic battle of World War II,  June 6, 1944, which certainly changed the course of events for our world, didn't it?  It was the day the Allies invaded Normandy from England.  In fact, Dan's uncle is one of the remaining soldiers to be a part of his historical event, a time of unmatched significance in his as well as other's lives around the globe.

D-Day.  Here, the Army determined the first use for "D" in D-Day. "The Army has said that it is “simply an alliteration, as in H-Hour.”  Others say the first D in the word also stands for
“day,” the term a code designation.  The French maintain the D means “disembarkation,” still others say “debarkation,” and the more poetic insist D-Day is short for “day of decision.”  For me, I have yet another meaning for the term "D-Day."

Diagnosis Day.  Do you remember the day you were diagnosed?  Was it a day to change your life forever?  Just as D-Day on June 6th was a turning point, Diagnosis Day represents the day that changed my life,...


I even refer to normal every day events to what was happening for us "before" and "after" the D-Day.  Before was when we were raising a family, dreaming of our futures, never imagining having to live with "it".  After, we have rearranged everything from daily routines to even the structure of our home to accommodate the "d".

But you know what?  It.is.okay!  After "D-Day", we have come to cherish each day when God tells me "Excuse me, can I tell you something?"  He says, "you are as healthy as you are today.  This very moment. So, go out and celebrate what you have right now.  Enjoy My blessings.  Share it."

Although at times I struggle to thank God for everything, I will always remember the day a neurologist diagnosed Dan with Parkinson's Disease.  And like this picture, some days are a battle.

But, all days are a blessing.

Even "D-Day"... tomorrow.

May 16, 2008.
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