Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gaa Gaa for Google

Chrome, that is!  Did I spell that right?

Although I don't know where you went over the past week, I am glad you have returned!  Not being the most techno savy person in the boat, I have only recently become acquainted with what a browser is.  You see, I have always used the little "e" thingy to log on to the internet up until just about a month ago.

I noticed a message to try something called "Google Chrome" to help me with posting stories here on my blog.  Dan's head just about blew off his shoulders when I asked him what a browser was.  So, I ventured on the path of loading something new.  After all, it said it would help me improve the speed and features for "Excuse me, can I tell you something?"

And, wow!  Did.it.ever!  So, I have been a new Google Chrome user.  Up until about a week ago, things were just flying by when I logged on to my posts list and found a blank page.

Yikes!  Where did everything go?  For about a week, I was puzzled about what to do!  Add to that, my new "phablet" Dan got me for Mother's Day, all this technology was making my head spin.  When in doubt, just go back to the old ways, right?

Well, that was what I did.  I found I could still get on using the little e circle thing.  Although it was painfully slow, at least I found my way back to my post list.  Then this morning, low and behold, you're back!

Oh, how I missed you Google Chrome!   I probably will never totally understand technology and the internet.  At the risk of sounding like a bubble head, I missed you!  And to use Dan's expression to explain tech stuff to me, I will resolve to his comment:

It's magic!
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