Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Empty Nest

Sharing a new story called "Empty Nest" which was published this morning on Moms of Faith.  Just click on the link above and it will open to the page for you.  I am logging it to my blog so that I may include a picture of "moving day" to show you all!  Can you believe it?  A John Deere at the gas station!  (I thought a tractor used some special tractor gas???)

I am really curious to hear if there are any other moms or dads with an "Empty Nest" today...  or in the past.  Although our "nest" is far from "empty", sometimes the heart feels otherwise.  Whether it's that first day of preschool (right Ashley?); gymnastics classes; soccer games; or piano recitals, it just seems like a mom is always sending her children off on a one way journey away from home.  What was it like for you?  Any unusual "moving day" experiences?  I would love to here all about it!  And, I hope that you all find courage in "Empty Nests"!

Here are the Hotts final summer days!  What a crew!  Here is the link again to "Empty Nest" on Moms of Faith:
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