Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!


Employing the Unemployable?  Okay.... so... try being diagnosed with a chronic illness like Parkinson's Disease and see how that can wreck a family's means of sustanibility about like a hurricane or steam train crashing into your life!

It is kinda like this:  One day, you're a mom raising your four children in an already busy world.  Your husband's career as an environmental engineer comes to a crashing halt when a neurologist tells him that he has a dibilitating illness:  Parkinson's Disease.  Couple this with a terrible economy, it is now unsafe for my 49 year old husband to continue his once lucrative business.

Well, not really "lucrative"... not like we were rich or anything; but we were paying our mortgage.  Then, one day, our friend "Parkinson's Disease" trips Dan while going up the stairs to our second floor bedroom.  Okay... so maybe we should move the house around and create a first floor bedroom with handicapped accesible facilities.

There goes the mortgage!  It was 2008.  No job, medical expenses, and a young family to raise. 

Over three years later, the PD is at bay with the help of lots of medication and I am back to work, part time with a disabled husband at home and kids in school. 

Last summer, I began blogging about my experience and how life has changed dramatically.  In order to help pay expenses, I started substitute teaching and took on an administrative part time job at the local arts council.  Recently, momsoffaith.com offered me a weekly column where I post about the crazy things our kids do and the little blessings that keep me going daily.

Because if not for that, this whole jobless junk would be, well...  I really don't know. 

What I do know is that prayer has gotten me through this mess and will continue to keep it bearable daily.  So, if a program like "Blogging Americans Back to Work" can help others, I'm all for it!

And that's my jobs, jobs, jobs story!
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