Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Camp, When Is Your Child "Old Enough"?

During the summer of 1971, I spent my first week away at Summer Camp.  I was the ripe ole age of six and traveled the 40 minutes, or so, up the mountain and across another state (Maryland) to Bread of Life Camp.

It felt like I was on another planet for eternity.

But I was hooked!  Every summer, mom found some sort of camp to ship me off to for at least a week...or more!  From church camp, 4H Camp, show choir camp, student government, to a two week saxophone camp, we always found something crazy to do.

And I LOVED it!  In fact, I found myself returning to the Lion's Club Youth Leadership Camp in Parsons, WV, to be a "C.I.T." or Counselor in Training.  Now, that was a ride to the far reaches of the universe. 

I didn't want to come back.

Why?  Well, maybe it was the cute boys... I'm not so sure, but at any rate, I loved going to summer camp.  

Now, this almost 48 year old "grey-haired-hott-mama-of-four" has finally shipped off her final two to summer camp.  Our boys, Isaac and Levi, at 8 and 9 years old have just completed their first summer camp experience at Hagerstown Community College for Kids! Lego "WeDo Robotics!" for a week. 

And they LOVED it!  Levi's freckles shine when he talks about his Levi's Lego Spacecraft.  And, they are already talking about what they can do next summer! 

 I guess I waited longer than my mom did to send my boys to even what was a day camp.  And, you know what?  I still don't know if they would be ready to be away from home for an entire week of Summer Camp. Kinda gets me thinking, how do you know when your child is "old enough"?   

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