Saturday, September 7, 2013

This Is My Biome, a Minecraft Parody by Isaac (age 9)

The New Earth Granary hosted a parade of local performers to a packed house last night at the Fairfax Coffee House.  Spilling out into the street, musicians, instrumentalist, pianists, vocalists, ventriloquist, story tellers, and a cool mix of guitarist gathered to unite not just in song but also in a unique spirit of community.  As part of the audience, one quickly found that this night was more than just a "talent show"... it was music with a mission!

This 48-year-old-grey-haired-PD bloggin-hott-mama-of-four just loves this special kind of experience!  Not everywhere can you find quality performers with God given talent like you could last night.  I.mean.really!  Where have you EVer been to see a show when an electric guitarist was needed and the emcee yells out the front door to a boy on the sidewalk?  

Well, enters teenager Sam Silver with his instrument who sits in and performs improv with Johnny, drummer Stephan Burns, Aiden McDaniels, and Jim Fredo.  We originally planned to make an exit right after our Isaac performed until we were witness to the musical magic that happened last night.

We stayed!

The New Earth Granary seeks to provide Berkeley Springs with a discovery, a renewal,... yes, an awakening of the seed/gift within each of us, and to "provide an atmosphere where these seeds/gifts can sprout and produce in a relational based economic environment."  Through the power of music, people begin to unite and foster a much needed sense of unity in our unique little town.  

Our Isaac exemplifies how The New Earth Granary works.  As his mom, I knew he was a little piano player from the time he was two.  At the Granary, he continues to "sprout" as a musician right before our eyes.  Kinda cool that Isaac's song says "...this is my biome. It's what I call home."  Hoping to see "The Granary" become a home to musicians of all ages.

Who knew he could (or would) sing?

God did. 

Watch more music "grow" in Berkeley Springs!  The New Earth Granary, located on Mercer Street near MiRanchito's will celebrate its' grand opening on October 19 with more magic on their new stage.  From new pianists like Isaac to seasoned performers (like Pete Gordon), I know you will be blessed by it all.

"Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!  Serve the Lord with gladness!  
Come into his presence with singing."  Psalm 100:1-2

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