Friday, August 15, 2014

How old should a girl be to get hair highlights?

Violet and I have only just returned from visiting "Hair by Hillary" at Total Image, the local beauty shop, and I have the burning question:  What is the right age for a girl to get highlights?


I have come to this undeniable conclusion!  ALL teenage girls are TOO young to have their hair highlighted...and fourteen is much.too.early!

That's it!  No debate.  No discussion.  Our daughters should not be allowed to have hair highlights until the following criteria is met:

1)  They have reached the minimum age of well...let's say 35!
2)  They never leave the house once this hair transformation has occurred!
3)  They are gainfully employed to finance this dramatic investment to hair care!... AND
4)  They promise not to get another day older.

You see...this summer has been full of so many changes I can't even begin to discuss them with you.  So many, in fact, my now 49-year-old-grey -haired-hott-mama-of-four brain just can't seem to process it all.  From weddings to robotics... first time high schoolers to first time athletic endeavors... my heart is so full of summer mommy moments and memories that, well... it is just too mind boggling that I really don't know where to begin blogging, where to start.  In a way, some moments are just too precious to share.  

Too boggled to blog...that's me!

But it's coming.  Just as daily in the midst of all this chaos here on Hott Mountain, I continue to feel God nudging me as he whispers... "Excuse Me, can I tell you something?"... This time, who knows?  Maybe that book is about to write itself!  LOL!  

Until then... check out today.  History repeats itself ten years later as Violet gets her first highlights.  Is 14 the right age?  Oh, I don't really know.  But we had fun.  And, thank you Hillary for being a part of this mom's memory of her baby girl's frosted baby tips to her first hightlights.



Violet's new highlights with Hillary

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