Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dazzling Diamonds, Royal Rubies, and Boney Elbows? A Book Review of "Treasury of Bible Stories"

One can not open a "Treasury of Bible Stories" without expecting a few jewels, among them diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, right?  So just how, you may ask, did this 49-year-old-grey-haired-PD blogging-hott-mama-of-four manage to find within this treasure chest of Bible classics a load of boney elbows?  Hummm...just ask Levi, my 9 year old!

Treasury of Bible Stories  -     By: Kelly Pulley
I was happy to read and review this darling collection of classic Bible stories to share with you.  When it arrived from David C. Cook, I immediately snuggled up with my 9 year old at bedtime and cracked open the cover of this colorful treasure of all our Bible favorites.  From "A Wall of Water," the towering tale of Moses crossing the sea to "Food for a Fish," a 'whopping' story of Jonah, Levi and I were mesmerized by this unique clever collection of Bible tales.

Author, Kelly Pulley, is an expert at "rhythmical rhymes of Biblical times".  He manages to take familiar stories of our favorite tales from Daniel in the Lion's Den to the beautiful Resurrection Story and convey them in clever lyrical rhyming verse.  I was impressed as I read with ease his combination of words and how they effortlessly read aloud with my son, almost as if by magic.

Assisting our ears was a colorful depiction of a Bible journey.  The illustrations in Pulley's "Magnificent Tales" series will entertain parents and young readers alike.  Perhaps it was just my 9 year old in all his boyhood that immediately recognized an unusual theme that carried across every character drawn:  boney elbows!

Do you want to know something strange?  I never noticed it!  However, Levi barely heard the first page when he said "Mom!  Check out those boney elbows!"  And he was right.  The characters do have some circular appendage on each and every elbow (and knee!) joint.

Photo: Sugar plumAsside from this unusual comment from my child, we thoroughly enjoyed the delightful collection of rhyming cover to cover!  So much that I plan to share my copy with my newest family member.  Meet my great-niece, adorable Adalaide!

Isn't she a gem!?  Which got me thinking.  A book like "Treasury of Bible Stories" is so much more than the retelling of a story we moms have heard a million times.  It takes these old stories and uniquely rhymes them for a moment we will share with what is our true treasure:  our children.  Kinda sorta makes me wish my Levi was three months old again.

So gather up your little diamonds in the rough and shower them with the magic of "Treasury of Bible Stories" by Kelly Pulley.  For the gift of God's book for us is meant to share!

And I am sending a copy to Adalaide today!  Her big brother Nathaniel, a first grader learning to read this year, will enjoy this series of Magnificant Tales too!  (I wonder if he will notice the bone structure like his cousin...)  For yours, just click here or register to win a free copy from David C. Cook by commenting on this page.

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