Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fifty Ways Fifty Feels Fun!

Fun? Seriously!?

On the eve of my 50th birthday just the other day, my own mom reminds me over the phone on one of our many daily conversations:
"Have fun today!....  Because tomorrow you'll be in the last half of your CENTURY!"

Then she erupted in a fit of giggles! "Bwhahahaha!" She does that a lot lately!  Really Mom!!!  Wow!

But I decided a loooooong time ago, that each day is a celebration!  Regardless of what life may throw at me, from four busy kids to a hotthubby with PD, I purposefully seek to find the positive in each and every situation.  So, on that note, on the eve of my 50th birthday, I made all my mom friends sing "Happy Birthday!" to me!  Of course, they really didn't mind (at least I don't think they did...) that on Monday M.O.S. (which stands for "Mom Only Swim") I bought a cheesecake, stuck in some candles, fired them up, then began my 50th year (a little early) with a celebration that "Fifty Feels Fun!"

My flame lit cheesecake!  Thanks for the picture Ms Nikki! Fifty Ways?

Oh sure!  So, rather than moan and groan about joining the bottom half of the century, I thought that I would attempt to see if I could think of 50 ways to celebrate turning 50.  Maybe you can help me, here we go:

1)  Provide your own favorite dessert at a gathering.
2)  Force a crowd of unsuspecting friends to sing "Happy Birthday!" to you.
3)  At 12:00:01 a.m. on your actual birthday, run in to your 15 year old daughter's room where her 15 year old friend is sleeping over and shout:  "It's my birthday!"
4)  Then do a little dance and run out of the room.
5)  Check Facebook at exactly 12:04 a.m. on my birthday just to see if there are any "Happy Birthday" posts to me.
6)  Read 8 "Happy Birthday" posts!  Then force yourself to go to bed because, really,... who wants to sleep on their 50th Birthday?
7)  Enjoy mimosas for breakfast.
8)  Prepare Eggs Benedict for all the crazy people in the Hott House, even those that don't eat it.
9)  Invite a friend, or 10, to celebrate at the coolest restaurant ever:  Lot 12!  Except, they are closed on your birthday day so make reservations for two days later!
10) Sign up to do a half marathon for the first time ever, in Cumberland!
11) Go for a run at 50, because you signed up for a half marathon a month away.
12)  Enjoy 4 miles in the early morning W. Va. outdoors without my two annoying dogs (because I snuck out the basement door to keep Freckles from waking up even though he is deaf).
13) Say a prayer for all those I love during my run. Say more prayers for my neighbors as I run by their houses.
14) Decide to text Jenny Ellis as soon as I get back to the house with an idea!
15) Return home, walking up that stinking hill, and drink a giant glass of water!
16) Discover Leah walking around outside with a beautiful butterfly we release in our weedy flower garden just before she presents me with the most amazing dragon drawing ever.
Leah's Dragon
17) Blast your favorite musical Wicked in the house at 9:00 a.m.! (even though the kiddos are still sleeping because it is time for the entire world to be up to celebrate my 50th birthday)!
18)  Sing at the top of your lungs "I have been changed FOR GOOD!"
19)  Run 8 loads of laundry.
20) Sign up for another half marathon because, well, I just turned 50, but this one is in Vegas!
21) Play the soundtrack to Wicked,... again because, well, people are still sleeping!
22) Sing loudly "Defying Gravity"
23) Attempt to defy gravity while making hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict.
24) Fall in the kitchen, because,... well.... of gravity.
25) Stir up Leah reading downstairs in Caity's room.
26) Make another mimosa.
27) Eat Eggs Benedict, twice.
28) Receive loving birthday surprises from my favorite people in the universe, like Violet's new coffee mug filled with chocolate covered coffee beans and beautiful Pinterest card!
29) Display my own Lego Sigfig next to my original Levi Lego creation of our log home on the piano.
Original Lego Art by Levi

30) Scream hysterically when opening my hotthubby's card with tickets to see Kristen Chenowith at Wolftrap on August 28th!
31) Watch "Taylor the Latte Boy" 50 times on youtube, because...yes, I am 50 now!
32) Giggle nonstop because Kristen Chenoweth is hysterical.
33) Sob nonstop watching Kristen and Idena sing "For Good" because it is just the best duet ever.
34) Discover a youtube video with Kristen and Anna Kendrick that is amazing!

35) Remember to text Jenny about an idea for which she'll probably consider me a weirdo.
36) Text Jenny Ellis.
37) Put on a tiny bikini (because no one is home but me and well, I am now 50).
38) Blast Wicked for the third time, except this time on the outside speakers (just in case the neighbors missed it in the kitchen, or they are also still sleeping!).
39) Float around the pool.
40) Sip on some sweet tea someone left here earlier this week.
41) Wonder which teenager went home without their giant blue Nike's sitting by the pool.
42) Remain puzzled by the mom who went home last night without her pool bag.  Make a mental note to text someone about that.
43) Forget to apply sunscreen.
44) Wonder if Dan wants to go to Vegas in November.
45) Spend the best 90 minutes ever with my 11 year old Isaac while floating around in the sun.
46) Notice Dan arrived and is sitting by the pool too, sipping a sweet tea.
47) Remember he really hates sitting outside, but is hanging out with me because, well, I'm 50 today!
48) Enjoy my favorite ribs and corn with my favorite people for my first supper as a 50-year-old-grey-haired-PD blogging-hott-mama of four - and sometimes more!  Talk to Caity on the phone.
49) Lace up my Runners Retreat, size 5, kid Brooks sneakers again on my second day as a 50 year old and go for a run.
50) Register to do a half marathon in Key West in January 2016 and dream about sand under my before mentioned sneakers while it is snowing up north.
51) Arrive home finally after my Lot 12 dinner party celebration to discover 50 people in my house!


Sounds like the PERFECT birthday to me!  While most of this list actually occurred, some items remain to be seen; like registering for a half marathon right down the Vegas strip or around Key West in the winter.  Still waiting on the mimosas; but just thinking about champagne at any time feels festive, right? And honestly, I think there were way more than 50 people here last night,  You guys are the best!  Thank you ALL for loving me and my family, my crazy ideas, reading and sharing my posts, and most of all, making turning 50 feel like so much fun!  Where two or three...or 50 are gathered, right?

"No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, 
and his love is brought to full expression in us."  1 John 4:12

Know what?  I saw Him here on Hott Mountain many times this week, His full expression, in the faces of each of...!

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