Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Writing Christmas Cards

A Post Thanksgiving Post
Just this past Sunday evening, the Hott House was starting to settle in after our memorable Thanksgiving holiday where we celebrated roasting our first ever fresh (wink, wink) 27.14 pound turkey!   We enjoyed the company of grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins by the dozens for a Thanksgiving celebration that began on Tuesday and concluded with Caity and Brian heading back to college on Sunday afternoon.

Later that night, the wee Hotts; Violet, Isaac, and Levi, were engrossed in the movie Elf.  (Don't you just love the part when she sings in the shower?)  Although there were plenty of towels, sheets, and laundry to do, I decided to plant myself in the middle of the madness and begin filling out Christmas Cards.

I am really excited about these cards!  For those recipients, I'll try not to give away the surprise; but, we did an awesome picture this summer in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where each of our kids dressed up like pilgrims.  I intended to get them out last week since they were festive for both Thanksgiving and Christmas; but well...  you know how that goes.

Each year, I really do enjoy going through the list and remembering individuals as we stuff the Christmas cards.  Violet normally helps me stamp and sticker!  I attempt to get out around 70 cards that include family and friends old and new! 

A smile came to my face as I addressed Mrs. Margaret Schlimme.  At 98 years old, Great Great Aunt Margaret was the crazy fun sister of my grandmother.  She was tiny, like me, always with a sparkle in her eye.  As I addressed her card, I felt a giggle as I remembered her laughing with my grandmother Edith and all her sisters gathered around the table at her house in Smithsburg, Md:  Aunts Sally, Ester, Grace, Bunny... and Uncle Clifton (the only boy and with a funny name too!)!   They were so noisy! 

And noisy too was the Hott House for our holiday.  When I saw Great Aunt Margaret's card, I thought that of all my millions of Aunts, I wanted to be like her.  It is her smile and sparkle I hope to emulate for my many nieces and nephews when they come to visit me, and for my first ever great-nephew Nathaniel.  I'll have to give credit to Great Aunt Margaret for the fun I have in now calling myself "Aunt Angie the GREAT"!

After placing Mrs. Margaret Schlimme's card on the pile for Violet to stamp, my phone rings... again!  This time it is mom, who by the way is named after Great Aunt Margaret and Great Grandmama Mary Margaret.  She was calling with the usual "hey".   And, to let me know that her cousin Betty Jo just called.  She wanted to tell us that Great Aunt Margaret passed away,... just earlier Sunday morning.

Merry Christmas Aunt Margaret "the Great"!  I hope you enjoy your card!
Margaret Elizabeth Wear Schlimme, 98
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