Monday, January 9, 2012

Moms of Faith Handbook for Boredom

HELP!  Did you get a little crazy over the holidays hearing "MOM!  I'm bored!"  Check out today's column on Hott Flashes.  Let's get together and create a list of fun things to do when the kids complain.  I'm sending a few success stories from the Hott House.  Tell me yours and next week we'll publish EVERYBODY'S!!!!

Here's how to post your fun stuff!  Just comment under the column; here on my blog; or, on facebook.  Link and/or "share" (fb) the idea to your friends too!  I'll catch them all and compile all our ideas.  Bet you do something I've never heard of!  Be sure to check out my list on Moms of Faith: 

love, a
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