Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Colorado Midnight Movie Massacre

           The Bright Knight                                            VS                                The Dark Knight... Rising


I had just completed reading Heaven is for Real the morning the midnight movie massacre at the Batman's premiere of The Dark Knight Rises hit the news.  I can't stop thinking of Jesus meeting those 12 when they entered heaven, how the Heavenly Father mourns over the suffering this has caused, and how God's heart must ache even for James Holmes, the murderer.

Above is a picture of Jesus drawn by a young child named Akiane who experienced seeing Him similar to that of Colten in Heaven is for Real. Can you just imagine Him among the turmoil that night?  I heard that a three month old baby was in the theater too.  I bet Jesus held that baby the entire time.

Please share...  and pray for understanding.  If you haven't already, read Heaven is for Real!  "You're gonna like it!"

love, a
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