Saturday, November 3, 2012

It Sure Is Hott!

For all of my little friends over at Widmeyer Elementary, Mrs. Caliente will sure miss you guys!  Watch this and remember... music IS everywhere!  From a Brazilian Carnival to Austria's "Sound of Music" --We had  some fun over the last couple months.

For all the teachers, administrators, and families of my little friends, thanks for putting up with me! It was indeed a privilege to spend time with you and your students over the last nine plus weeks.  Thanks for enduring the loud singing, dancing, and yes, even sax playing coming from the music room.  (Mrs. Hott sure sings "terrible"! LOL!)

I will never forget the words from RESA 8 substitute teacher trainer, Peggy Hause, "As a sub, you have just a short time in the classroom with these children. Make the most of it.  YOU could be THE sub to change a child's life."  Well, let's just say sometimes it is just one student, just one... that changes the sub.  For all my little friends, thanks for the hugs and know that Mrs. Hott will be remembering you all in my prayers.  (And, thanks for reminding me daily how "young" I am!)

Finally, for Mrs. Davisson -- give me a call anytime you have another baby!  I'll be there - me and my sax!

love, love, LOVE... your music sub

p.s.  Now, go "clip up!"  All of you!
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