Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clicking "Like" Will Send $5 to Help Find a Cure for Parkinson's Disease

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's ResearchIt's easy!  The Michael J. Fox Foundation has partnered with UCB in a program called "Tell Us YOUR Story" on Facebook.  So, forever the story teller, I posted about our experiences living with this crazy illness; the good and bad!

"At UCB our sense of purpose is to help people suffering from severe central nervous system or immunological disorders lead normal, everyday lives. Our ambition is to offer them innovative new medicines and ground-breaking solutions that go beyond the drug. We are committed to enabling cutting-edge scientific research that is driven by the patients' needs. "  
And what a better way to understand patients needs than to ask them to tell their stories!  That's just cool in my book!  Happy to oblidge, I submitted a post in an effort to generate both awareness AND, get this.... $5 for each "like" or "share" on facebook.  Already, our story "Standing Tall" has raised $55!  YOUR click could help in leading to a cure to Parkinson's Disease and making my hott-hubby Dan more comfortable as we live with this stinking neurological crazy illness.

It's legit!  And FYI, Dan participates in research efforts at Johns Hopkins Hospital that is sponsored by the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  So, please support this!  And do tell everyone you know; together, we can raise $60,000 just by clicking the "like" or "share" button on my post.

If you roll your cursor over the sentence below, it will take you directly to the site.  Thanks for helping.
Go to this link and "like" or "share" our PD story and UCB will donate $5 to research with the Michael J. Fox Foundation!!!!
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