Thursday, March 27, 2014

AHA by Kyle Idleman - A Book Review of The God Moment that Changes Everything

AHA by Kyle Idleman arrived in my mailbox from David C. Cook a few weeks ago for me to review.  As I pulled it out of the package, I was instantly intrigued by it's dark cover with a lightbulb illuminating the title "AHA: Awakening. Honesty. Action."

Okay, so a lightbulb!  This 48-year-old-grey-haired-PD bloggin-hott-mama-of-four LOVES those "lightbulb" moments, don't you?  Nerdy reader that I am, I couldn't wait to experience a book full of "AHA" experiences.  Have you ever had one?  My hotthbby, Dan, and I have.

This may sound crazy (I can see Dan's eyeballs rolling now), but in March of 2003, we experienced an "AHA" moment in the literal sense; and by that I mean lights-a-flashing!  During a Sunday Service at First United Methodist, I was surprised by a voice from God telling me that He had a baby for us.  This was especially funny to me since those fancy city doctors told us that we would never, EVer make a baby all by ourselves, no matter how much we practiced. ;-)

But what does a doctor know, right?  After running to Food Lion early that Monday morning for a pregnancy kit, I called Dan at work saying that he needed to come home RIGHT AWAY!

Well, several hours later (I'm serious.  It was supper time!), Dan shows up and I take him privately to our bathroom to show him the "positive" line.  We are pregnant.  And my ever-loving, University of Maryland School of Engineering Graduate, business-owner, smarty-pants says to me, "What does that mean?"

Duh, right!

Ever the crazy schedule Dan had with his contract with Chevron, he packed the next morning for a business trip to Atlanta while I headed to the doctor's office for a blood test.  After a nervous wait from giving blood, I drove to meet Dan for lunch before he flew south,... again.  On the way, traveling 75 mph east on I70, my doctor's office called to confirm.  We were pregnant!

As we sit over chicken and a pickle sandwiches in Chick-fil-a, we are amazed at this news!  Dan then proceeds to give me my hardest ever assignment.  Don't.tell.anyone (till I get back)!

Seriously?  Okay.  He flies off to Atlanta and I drive back to Berkeley Springs.  The next day, I am babysitting my two nieces and grandma is over.  With a housefull of family, I quietly hide some pretty amazing news.  Late in the evening as we get all ready for pajamas, guess what?  Our electricity goes out.

Darkness.  Complete and utter blackness in our house.  With four little ones running around, we manage to test every light possible.  Nope, nothing, nada.  With nothing but flashlights, I get the girls off to bed.  We are all sitting in a dark house when I get a call that Dan will be home early.  Woohoo.  A little while later, Dan pulls up the drive and enters a dark house full of family.  Parents snuggle sleeping nieces home as Grandma also leaves late at night.

We are alone in a dark house, with, I remind you, some pretty amazing new news.  As things settle, I rise from my favorite chair to welcome him home with a kiss.  The instant, and I mean to the milisecond, our lips meet....  every light in the house (dramatic pause) comes on!  AHA!

It's 11:45 p.m.  The house is lit up like 4th of July fireworks, the television blares, the dishwasher starts!  Dan looks at me.  "Did you tell them?"  "No. I waited for you."

"Are there places in your life where you would like to experiene an aha! moment?  A moment of truth that renews your heart and mind bringing transformation?  Read AHA by Kyle Idleman and share your lightbulb, "the God moment that changes everything".  As I began reading, I first thought it would be yet another instructional manual for revealing and recognizing God's transformation.  Initially, I was even bummed a bit by his choice of the story of the Prodigal Son.  You see, the Prodigal Son story is probably my least favorite of all Bible stories for many reasons.  I continue to wait for the next chapter.  Maybe I even expected the author to reveal what the Bible does not; like what happens AFTER the celebration?

Rather, Mr. Idleman's narrative reveals God's relentless love for us as He waits for each to return from the "distant country" of sin.  Even when we are close to God, Kyle forces the question "where exactly is your heart?"   Reading this book provided me with an "AHA" epiphony, questioning the distance my heart truely is from God, maybe yours too.  Even when the closest to Him, my heart can be lost in the "distant country" of my crazy, busy mom-life.  I relish my literal AHA moment with God.  As the father in the story celebrated his son's return, God shares with me a celebration (a baby) for waiting for His blessings.

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