Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh! Oooo! Aaaaah! School Shopping Here We Come!

So, your one and only Hott Mama from W. Va. has managed to incorporate ads in my brand new blog? Not sure if it is working; so, let me know what it looks like! I hope it brings some great deals for all you other moms out there heading out to go school shopping like we are tomorrow!

Did I mention we will be taking all three little Hott's out to school shop for the first time EVER! So, seriously, I hope we find some great deals. More than likely, we will be spending the afternoon in either Walmart or Target. Although, I heard that JCPennys and Bon Ton have great discounts for clothes.

Clothes! Aaaaaah! Our 10 year old, Violet, enters the 5th grade this year. All summer, she grows an extra inch every day. Then there's Isaac. Well, let's just say that he no longer can fit in to his Kindergarten graduation clothes from less than three months ago. For Levi, our fashion conscious five year old, well.... look out Kindergarten! He knows all the latest fashions. I just hope his teacher allows him to go to school as a rock star or super hero! Really!

Finally, Caity begins her last year of college after spending the summer in a grown up job 550 miles from home. Her internship with CVS in relationship marketing demanded several new outfits and even more shoes. I think we will be renting a UHaul just for her shoes. (By the way, we just visited Caity and brought home dozens of shoes. Still, she saved several designs just to have "options" for her last 4 days at CVS!)

Good Luck out there in the stores everyone! Let me know if you find some bargains--just 9 days left till school starts!

Before I forget, I am going to attempt to post a picture of the Hott Kids!.... before school shopping and AFTER! Oh NO! How do I turn the picture??? Someone fix it please!
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