Thursday, January 10, 2013

My First Blogger Book Review - Trophy Child

Look what a mess I've made!  In an attempt to prepare for my first book review next week, I have managed to mess up my profile. Ugh!!!  Guess I will have to wait for Violet to return from school to help me out on this one.  Somehow, while updating both Facebook and Googe +, it's lost!  Wondering where it went will keep me up at night.  Surely my original profile (the one I first posted in 2008) is out there somewhere.  For now, I had to rewrite another profile.  Why is that so hard?

Oh well.  I guess this 48-year-old-gray-haired-hott-mama-of-four will need to get used to change sooner or later.

So anyway, here's the deal!  Next week, the nifty marketing publishers of David C. Cook are launching a blogger campaign for a new book called TROPHY CHILD by Ted Cunningham.  In my feeble attempt to share my opinion of this book on parenting, I wanted to be able to do one of those "click like to win a copy" things.  At any rate, I think I have managed to set up a method between my blog and facebook.

Kinda cool, actually.  Here's what the book looks like.  I'm not allowed to post a review until next week.  Oooooooh, this is fun!  I think this is called a "teaser".

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