Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not Just Another Thursday Morning Post

When we have the faith to keep our eyes open during the dark times, God will scatter moments of sudden glory like stars in the inky sky. - Sharon Jaynes

I saw this on facebook on this snowy January no school morning and just thought it was pretty cool.  

Not long ago, on another Thursday morning, as Dan was driving the three younger hottlings to school, I was on facebook...again...and read a post that I wish I would have copied too.  

It also had a dark picture with a single candle.  The quote was something like this: "Lord, for the times when I can't be your light, please help me to at least be your reflection." (I'm paraphrasing, sorry)

As my family drove down the hill to town, I prayerfully asked God to travel to school with each of my kids that day, including Caity at her job in DC.  I kinda try to do this daily.  As I asked for His protection, I also prayed that they will be a reflection of Jesus' love to others in their day, like the post I read on facebook.  As a substitute teacher, my heart hurts a little for the students and young adults out there wondering "in the darkness".

Later that morning, a teacher called me here at home just as I was getting out of the shower.  Yes, butt naked, I listened to her urgent voice message.  One of my hottlings had witnessed another student's cry for help by confiding thoughts of suicide in the middle of band class.  

Thank you, God, for using my child as a reflection of your love that morning.  

Some days, I find it so hard to send my kids out in the world even though I know they are just going to school.  I can't imagine how God felt when he had to watch his Son leave home (heaven) and go to the world.  After that memorable Thursday morning, I kinda understand a little bit how important it was to see on facebook what was not just another Thrusday Morning post. 

Thank you for allowing us to be your light and, at times when needed, your reflection.

Oh, and by the way, please check out my new page on facebook and "like" or share it with your friends.  I'll be praying that we all reflect His love in this crazy world we call home.  Here it is:
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