Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Review of "Not Of This World" by Lisa Chan from this 48-Year-Old-Grey-Haired-Hott-Mama-of-Four

Lisa Chan, wife of Frances Chan (author of one of my favorite books, Crazy Love), returns for the third installment of her True Beauty Films, "Not of This World".  

Following "Be Still" and "Deny Yourself", this final video "invites women into an authentic conversation about God's Word."  Lisa weaves her teaching with scripture intertwined with the real life story of another woman's hardships and struggles.

Here is what I liked about "Not of This World":
* Practical Scripture - Lisa beautifully backs up every point she makes with Biblical scripture.  She offers key points from His word to encourage us to live a life in Christ.

*  Personal Reflection Guide - "Not of This World" offers a unique booklet with scripture and thought provoking questions.  It is eye catching and artistic in its' presention; leaving room for personal input and reflection.

*  Personal Story - An incarcerated husband, a mom reveals her path from the depths of sin to salvation.  Lisa melts the story of a young mother with a toddler and, while nine months pregnant, encounters loud knocks as the police take away her husband.  Be sure to watch the "Back Story," which puts it all together.

"Not of This World" is beautiful.  It is eloquent, artistic, and clever; filled with warmth and emotion, providing a direct connection to the love of Jesus.  The answers are all there.  So, why have I been edgy all day after viewing Lisa's final "True Beauty" film?

Here's what I think happened.  You see, when you watch "Not of This World" as well as Lisa Chan's other films, you will see beautiful people in lovely surroundings.  The moms, no matter what struggles they encountered, are dressed to the hilt in perfect hair and make-up, in neat organized surroundings or striking outdoor settings.

Since I am human, what do I do?  Well.... I start comparing.  Like in the title, I am a barely five feet tall, freckled-faced, five pounds heavier, chaotic household, Parkinson's blogging, 48-year-old-grey-haired-(not-so)-hott-mama-of-four!  I haven't experienced incarceration, abuse, or poverty.  I am stuck in this world with school shopping, sports activities, piano lessons, grocery shopping.  Where, exactly, can I relate to Lisa's "True Beauty" series?  Tell me.

Then it struck me.  God thinks I am beautiful.

Interested?  Just let me know and I will include you in a drawing for a free copy of "Not of This World" from David C. Cook or click here to purchase your copy.
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