Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hott Dogs, Hott Pilots, the Thunderbirds, and God?

Do you see the connection? Hott dogs, hotter pilots, the USAF Thunderbirds, and God? Well, that just goes to show you how crazy our Saturday was as the Hott family and 35,000 others ventured out to the WV Air National Guard's "Thunder Over the Blue Ridge" Air Show!

"That was BREATHTAKING!" says our 6 year old Isaac as solo pilot, Major Rick Goodman soared over our heads at nearly 600 mph! And seriously ladies, grab a hanky and prepare to drool as you feast on your eyes on this:
Everyone together now! Can you say "BREATHTAKING!" At the ripe ole age of 45 and completely gray, I can't help but get giggly like a school girl at the sight of a man in uniform! You too? But seriously, as crazy as it may sound, when I complimented him on the precision performance of the fabulous Thunderbirds, to hear him say, "Why thank you Mam!" was just more than I could bear. And when he chattered away with Violet and my boys, well... let's just say that Dan had to sweep me off the runway!
Now, check this out:

How utterly and completely crazy is that? We witnessed this and more! I told Violet that watching the air show was every bit as exciting as jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! (I also asked Dan if I could have an F16 for Christmas!... he said "no"!) But there was something else I noticed. And it was this: Every, yes EVERY single head was facing up! All 35,000 people in the audience. So, it made me wonder? What do you think God was thinking as He watched us all, faces to the sky, looking upward in amazement and wonder at the spectacular technique and precision in the air?

"Excuse me, can I tell you something?"..... He got our attention!

Following our adventure from the air show, the Hott Family arrived home pumped and all ready to enlist in the United State Air Force. Isaac is ready to go now and be a Thunderbird pilot. Fortunately, the USAF will have to wait a few years. Who knows? Maybe someday my little men will be signing autographs out on a runway somewhere. But later that night, I encountered something equally as thrilling.

While cruising around facebook as the kids were watching the tube, I got an instant pop up message from a sweet young lady whom I hadn't seen or heard from since she was maybe 10 years old, full of freckles (like me!), and following her mamma around! It had been a very long time, like 15 years maybe. So, I was really surprised to see her pop up on an instant message.

And she wanted to "talk"! To me!!! And I mean about real issues too. You see, she read our story about all the stuff going on with the Hott Family and our struggle with Dan's heart condition, Brugada Syndrome, and our quest to find AEDs for our local schools.

Her question for me was how can she get connected with God. And she came right out with it! Bam!

Hugh? I really have to tell you, at first I was floored at the prospect that she considered me, the "not-so-Hott Mama" having a connection with God from reading our story. I was honored beyond words; and nervous that my response would be accepted.

After all the stuff with Dan and all, she asked how is it I stay positive. So, after a long fb conversation, I mostly told her how I find God in the little things, like looking at the sunset or finding new freckles on Levi's nose. Yet, I sensed that she was on a journey; literally at a crossroads. So, I told her that one way to connect with God was just to be in constant conversation with him about absolutely everything, little and big.

I had to seek Caity's expert advice immediately to locate specific scripture that explains such. A brain for remembering things I don't have much pass whose turn is it for a bath. Did you know that you can really google scripture??? How amazing is this World Wide Web!???

So, get ready for this! On Sunday morning at First Church in Berkeley Springs, Pastor Andrew's message was exactly that verse! I kid you not! And he blew it up gigantic size on the screen! 1Thessalonians 5:16-18. "Excuse me, can I tell YOU something?!"

So, there you go my dear friend! Hott dogs, hott pilots, the Thunderbirds, and God. It really is as easy as that to get connected! And for our blog readers, just to prove that I am not making this up, go to "messages" on http://www.gofirst.org/!

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances,

for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Now that's what I call BREATHTAKING!

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