Monday, September 20, 2010

Hott Traditions

Among the West Virginia hills, our family has a tropical tradition originating along the shores of Key West! Sound like an unlikely combination? Add toddlers, teenagers, smores, and guitars and you're instantly in the Hott Family's nightly tradition: SUNSET CELEBRATION!

Secluded among the trees on our mountain ridge, we were first unaware of our sunsets! A devastating Parkinson's diagnosis for my young husband found us in need to renovate. In an instant, our days are as shaky as a "fiddler on the roof"!

Dinner at the Hott House is an event for anyone! In fact, we recently served just leftover spaghetti and sweet peas to an unexpected guest. The next day, he enjoyed sunset from his own personal seat... in Heaven! What an honor to share our tradition with him on his last day on earth.

Finally, I offer a picture from our home, where nightly one hears Hott kids yelling "Time for sunset!" I think God created the Hott's Sunset Celebration to add balance to our "shaky" lives and get us to recognize simple beauty in the little things. Because each evening when He lights up my house, I hear Him whisper: "Excuse me, can I tell you something?"

What's He telling you?
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