Thursday, September 2, 2010

Answered Prayers Look Like This!

It's 10:30 this morning, all Hott Kidz are in school, and the phone rings. A WHAG TV reporter says, "Hi! I'm Charya Lon, a reporter for Channel 25. We heard about Morgan County Schools getting defibrillators and we would like to do a story on your family."

Goodness, I was really excited! We were planning a photo with our local paper, The Morgan Messenger, Dave Banks, Superintendent of Schools, the principal, school nurse, and representatives of the foundation that generously purchased the equipment. The prospect of others hearing about the importance of AED's in the news was a blessing beyond belief.

Next, Charya said, "Can you meet me at the school in an hour? I'm on my way from Hagerstown!" "You bet! See you then!" I responded, still in my pajamas, unbrushed (ewe) teeth, and scary night time hair! And we still had to go to Widmeyer and pick up the boys to boot... with crazy Berkeley Springs construction traffic!

Needless to say, we made it. Violet was interviewed and adorable in front of the camera. Dan was pretty cute himself. He even volunteered to disrobe and bare his bossom in front of the camera to exhibit his ICD (internal cardiac defibrillator). Gotta tell you... I was glad he didn't ask the reporter if she wanted to feel it! :-) ...But I know he was thinking about it!...:-) And Isaac and Levi were as rambunctious as ever. We only missed our Caity!

Hope you enjoy the end result of the first Hott family interview. Share it with your friends; it could save a life! Maybe yours, maybe your kids', maybe your neighbor.

Check with your local school system. Do they have access to an AED? I sure hope so.
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