Monday, September 13, 2010

Super Silly Sunday Smiles... all week long!

Isn't this just about the greatest smile you ever did see? One would think this little guy is heading to meet Santa; running towards a Christmas tree piled full of toys; or maybe being chased by a totally fantastic tickle monster! Can you just hear the giggles??? Just wait... you'll be surprised to hear that this adorable creature is in church! Can you believe it?! Who would have thought one could have this much fun in church?!

Think this is funny? Well, you should have seen the adults laughing and wrapping themselves in cellophane! It was "Kick-off Sunday" at FUMC and smiles were everywhere! I know that many readers are gearing up for the football season, but during our Sunday School program yesterday, the kids were gearing up too; all decked out in favorite team shirts and colors. Here, little Levi participated in a skit called "The Great Race", one might say he was running from this:

Scary, huh? And here's an even scarier thought... that's me! I'm Levi's "not-so-Hott-Mama!" getting ready for the race, doing all the wrong things in heels, eating chocolate and soda, over-dressed, and under-the-spell of lots of laughing kids and parents.

Immediately, just, before our skit, an elderly lady of the church stopped me on my way to the bathroom to get on my costume. She wanted to ask me a question. Then, while changing, yes!another member of the church wanted to talk too! Granted, I was trying to change my clothes, for goodness sakes, and was dangerously late for my entrance, but each wanted to generally ask the same:
"How do I stay positive and keep smiling?"

Here, I guess need to explain that we have had a banner year. This will clarify their questions. Earlier this year, my adorable husband DannyBoy was diagnosed with a weird heart problem called Brugada Syndrome. This is a condition that is fatal if not treated... and it is genetic. We have four children. Our "story" was covered by our local media.

Before Dan's ICD (internal cardiac defibrillator) surgery, we were also just getting used to the idea of living with the progressive and incurable problems associated with Parkinson's Disease. Yes, my hunk honey-man also has early onset PD, diagnosed at age 50. And it stinks! How hard it is, especially after closing his environmental engineering business to be home with a couple of rowdy, rough and romping boys (and me!) with the physical challenges of PD.

Here, I am putting my size (almost) 5's in Dan's sneakers for the skit, telling the kids they will help me be a better runner. Dan may have PD but he can still run faster than I can! (I used his sneakers anyway!) But after looking at this picture, I dare someone else to imagine taking a walk in our shoes here at the Hott House.... and continue to smile!

It CAN be done! A long time ago, Michael J Fox said that he never asks God to take away his "troubles"; he only prays for bigger shoulders to carry them. So how do I answer these questions about smiling and keeping positive that seem to continue to creep up on me even on top of more devastating news this week? I keep smiling. And the only answer I can come up with is this:
Faith. Hope. Love.
Well, that's 3 answers actually; but they all keep me going. And the knowledge that I can come back to church every Sunday to a God who allows and encourages me to laugh like a crazy woman and share a smile.
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1
Keep on smiling... all week long! You know I will! And please tell me, what makes YOU smile? I mean, what really, really, puts a face-cracking, head-popping smile on you? Send me your smile stories; it could help us all to get through just one more day!
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