Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eureka!... Pray for Parkinson's

"Eureka!" After racking my brain about how I can make a difference this April for Parkinson's Awareness Month, I finally came up with an idea.

You won't find me out there running across the country or climbing up some mountain like those other folks you read about on the Michael J. Fox Foundation page (www.michaeljfox.org). It is doubtful I will ever attend one of those marathons in NYC or a Moving Day (www.parkinson.org)!  Here in the sticks of West Virginia, we are just way too far away.  And the World Parkinson's Conference in Canada (http://www.worldpdcongress.org/)?  Yeah, right.

So, what could this 47-year-old-grey-haired-hott-mama-of-four do?


That's all I came up with.  I got 10 of those green rubber thingies from www.pdf.org the other day and here's what I did.  I took them to my book club last night and asked my other mom friends to wear a bracelet and say a prayer for Parkinson's.  Then, I asked them to give their bracelet to someone else and ask them to say a prayer for PD.  Each time, pass the green "Fight Parkinson's Disease" bracelet on to another friend, asking them to "Pray for Parkinson's".

Think it will work?
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