Monday, April 29, 2013

Meet Team McGeoBeeHottBell!

Sporting some "Team Fox" for Parkinson's Researach shirts, 14 members of my family, ages 4 to 77, traveled from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh to participate in the 5K Run/Walk to End Child Abuse this Saturday in Hancock, MD.

Did I tell you 14?!  Here we are following the race at Widmeyer Park on a beautiful Spring morning.  Little did I know of some last minute entries... to include our honorary Hott for the day, Tori Reed, and grandparents, Bobbie (77) and Mary McBee!  Also pictured here are Brian George, Brandon Bell, Dan Hott, Isaac Hott, Crystal McBee, Ashley Bell, Caity Hott, Angie Hott (me), Levi Hott, Violet Hott, and Nahtaniel Bell (4).

Results?  Well, let's just say we all finished.  Violet (13) did both races, coming in second in age under 25 and third female overall for the 5K.  She and Caity were the first in for the 2 mile "walk", followed by Dan with Levi (8) and another friend, Pierce.  Me?... well, let's just say I finally managed to catch up with Grandma! LOL!

Chalk this up to one of my favorite days...EVer!

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