Thursday, April 18, 2013

Run Like the Wind!

"Run in such a way that you may win!"
1 Corinthians 9:24

While watching last night's WSMS meet in Charles Town, another mom said she saw this story about Violet in our community paper!  Watching Violet run reminds me how God has blessed me with this beautiful (no longer a) baby girl.

With that ponytail blowing in the breeze, Violet managed to pass two runners in the 4 X 400 relay to finish her personal best in addition to her 2:49 personal record in her 4 X 800, passing two again!!  We are so proud of her.

But what impressed me even more was watching her with the 400 relay team.  You see, a last minute stand in replaced another friend who fainted at the field.  Violet's excited text to her friend in the hospital was this:

"We got second!  We ran for YOU tonight."

Sometimes, some of us may not always get to do the event we want and we may not always "win", but when they run for the team, well... that's grace!
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