Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lookin "Hott" in Grey for Parkinson's Awareness

Sending out a hearty heart felt "thank you" to all you friends and family out there sporting grey for Parkinson's Awareness Day!  This even spawned new awareness here in my neck of the woods!  From strangers in the supermarket to family in Philly, many have made loving efforts to share this crazy disease with others today!  I read on facebook that World Parkinson's Awareness Day, April 11th, 1775, is the birth of James Parkinson's and the first to write about this "Shaking Palsy" in 1815, eventually named Parkinson's Disease.  Hard to believe it was nearly 200 years ago!

Here is my favorite picture of part of my crew:

 Isaac, Dan, Levi, Violet, and Hershey (his face is grey!)

 Violet at Mountain Run on Hott Mountain.

Mom at the track!

Resampled_2013-04-13_08-58-21_635.jpgAunt Tammy working at Hair Cuttery wearing a grey ribbon in support of Parkinson's Awareness Month!

IMG_2607.jpgBrian at a Nationals game in Washington, DC!

                                                                                                    And a few crazy Hotts!
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