Wednesday, April 10, 2013

See What Happens When You Ask For Prayer!

So... what happens when a 47-year-old-grey-haired-hott-mama-of-four asks her book club to pray for Parkinson's for April's "Parkinson's Awareness Month"?  Well, sit back and just let me tell you a thing... or two!

To begin with, I have to admit that proposing this question in front of even a small number of mom friends really, and I mean really made me nervous.  So nervous, in fact, that I almost chickened out.  That's right!  My knees felt a little strange, and my stomach began to churn just before I looked in my bag where the green rubber bracelets were that I had intended to give to each to pray for PD. I thought to myself:  "Nah... this is really a dumb idea!  I'll sound stupid!  Everyone will think I'm a whiner... or, they'll see how weak I really am if I ask them to help pray for PD.  No.  I'm not doing this.  What.was.I.thinking?"  I considered a quick trip to the bathroom to throw up.

Isn't it crazy how that ole Satan can get in the way?!  And he nearly did.  In fact, if it weren't for Gretchen sharing how she almost gave up on going to a Good Friday service at her office for what sounded like peer pressure, I really think that I would have given up too.

But I sucked it up and with theses "chickenhands" of mine, spoke up, and asked my mom friends to "pray for Parkinson's".  And, guess what happened?

They did!  And so did YOU!  And, wow did things start to happen! I saw a super oooober important press release about funding for brain research with the National Institute of Health on The Michael J. Fox Foundation.  Later, at the grocery store, I met a mom that is making grey ribbons for April 13th "wear grey" day.  (Thanks Susan!)  Go God!

There 'ya go Satan!  Take that!  Can these moms pray or what!

I can't thank you all enough at book club as well as those of you here online that have been "praying for Parkinson's!"  It really does make a difference!  Guess ya just gotta ask.

"And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith."  Matthew 21:22

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